Elect Stephanie Thomas Elect Stephanie Thomas

City of Miami Commission, District 5 - BALLOT #415

NOVEMBER 2, 2021



Meet Stephanie Thomas

With her diverse background and your support, together, we can continue to STEP IN the right direction as we continue the collaborative efforts through our constituents and community partners in making Miami a vibrant and inclusive place to live, work, and play.

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While growing up in Miami, Stephanie learned firsthand that her personal resilience and determination were an influential factor in her community’s survival and success. The families of District 5 have the same attributes.

Stephanie’s commitment to sustaining this RESILIENCY is attributed from FOUR key areas:


Pursue policies and advocate for investments to support the advancement of more workforce and affordable housing in collaboration with developers. I will also pursue healthcare facilities and other agencies through public, private partnerships (P3s) to invest in the community.


Advocate assisting businesses to invest in our community, in order to help create jobs and programs. I will also advocate for youth programs and encourage partnerships with organizations to be inclusive in the plans. I commit to also be vigilant in adopting or improve contingency plans to assist during a crisis by working in collaborations with organizations, local agencies, or state agencies.


Be vigilant in creating an environment of community policing that nurtures, build relationships with community stakeholders and law enforcement. Safety in our community deserves attention; we need to continue to find ways for our families to be safe. As your Commissioner, I will prioritize this.


  • • Develop telehealth, retail clinics, home-based care, micro-hospitals; and full service hospitals, moving care closer to District 5 residents.
  • • Develop public health interventions and policies that address underlying systemic factors that give rise to such disparities among District 5 residents.
  • • Fight to achieve a health care system organized around what physicians do and toward a patient-centered system organized around the needs of the patient.
  • • Work hard by filling health care gaps and solving disparities amongst all citizens and; demand both short-term interventions and long-term solutions for District 5 residents.

I will bring knowledge of government, civic mobilization credentials, and philanthropic network to this leadership opportunity as a Commissioner on behalf of the residents and the City of Miami. I commit to being equitable across the board for the socioeconomic distinctions and revive stagnant communities. The voices of our constituents’ matter when consequential decisions are being conceptualized or created. And more importantly, help me sit at the dais to fight for what our community believes in.

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